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4 Reasons to Invest in Plantation Shutters

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Do you want to increase your home’s value? One great idea would be to invest in plantation shutters. These window coverings give your home a unique and extraordinary look. If you decide to sell your home in the future, there’s no question you’ll get a price higher than you originally expected. Here are more reasons why this item makes a solid investment:

  • Security

You can rest easy at night knowing intruders won’t know what’s going on inside your house. Some shutters even offer a locking option that would prevent any outsiders from entering your home. The best part is the locking option may get you a discount on your homeowner’s insurance.

  • Saves Energy

There’s no doubt you’ll save a lot on your electricity bill when you decide to buy plantation shutters. It has the ability to keep the sun’s UV rays out during the summer months and the cold weather out during the winter months. Therefore, you won’t have to turn on the air conditioning unit or the heater for a long time.

  • Variety of Styles

Unlike curtains, plantation shutters are available in many styles. You’ll be presented with many designs to choose from. If you’re having a tough time deciding amongst the many designs, you can always ask an expert.

  • Ultimate Comfort

Plantation shutters let you control the amount of how much sunlight gets in your house. By directing the sunlight away from your furniture and carpets, you can extend their life. Before the shutters are mounted, the installers will measure your window so there’s no need for any additional supporting materials.

There’s no doubt plantation shutters are going to be an asset in your house. So, what are you waiting for? Purchase one today from a reputable company. You can be sure you’ll get items that will last many years. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about purchasing another set for a very long time.

What to Look for in Security Screens

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Using security screens to make your home more secure has a lot of advantages. They are durable and salt-resistant, which drastically lowers maintenance costs. This type of screen allows you to enjoy the view outside whilst lounging in the comfort of your own home. However, not all screens were made equally. Look for these things when buying security screens:

The screen should comply with Australian standards.

Not all homeowners are aware of this, but Australia has rigorous standards for this type of screen. Since they are supposed to be built for home safety, this type of screen needs to pass six different types of tests to be considered in compliance. Further, some may be advertised for security whilst being a simple fly screen.

Make sure that your choice has passed the following tests:

  1. Dynamic Impact Test
  2. Jemmy Test
  3. Pull Test
  4. Probe Test
  5. Shear Test
  6. Knife Shear Test

The frame should be built out of the proper material.

There are two types of frames commonly used for this screen: steel and aluminium. Most experts agree that steel, as long as it complies with Australian installation standards for safety, is the most effective choice for home security. It’s no wonder, as steel is cheaper and more readily available than aluminium. It’s also less prone to corrosion.

Aluminium, on the other hand, is better at keeping corrosion at bay. It is also more lightweight than steel, and just as durable. This material tends to be a bit more expensive than steel, which makes many homeowners think twice. However, it’s a better investment, as it will last longer.

Beware of those who advertise their aluminium security screens at a ridiculously low price. Chances are, they’re nothing more than fly screens. Remember, you’re sure to get a quality of the price you paid. Whilst it might seem enticing at first, they won’t last very long, and they won’t do much to protect you from intruders. It’s still better to invest in a high-quality screen.

For more information on home security, check the website of Climactic Solutions.

What is Timber Floor Stripping?

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There will come a time where your wooden base will need some timber floor stripping because it no longer shines or appears new.

Homeowners can put some surface wax and spread it around the area so the wooden base will shine for some time, but normal wear and tear will cause the floorboards to look dull in spite of their efforts to restore its shine. It is a good idea to call a professional to refinish or sand the base.

The process of timber floor stripping should only be done when the wooden planks are too dull or lacklustre. Homeowners have to keep in mind that this home improvement project will take time and hard work, which is why some people decide to work with a professional contractor who will get the job done right and on time.

Can I still do something about my wood planks?

Prior to having your wooden boards taken away and replaced, there are a few things you can do before you call for help. For instance, if the planks only have light scratches or a dull surface, the base might just require a coat of finish so that it looks nice again. If your refinishing is no longer working on the surface, and the planks seem warped, saggy, spongy or soft, that is the time to get in touch with your local contractor.

If your wooden base has significant dings and scratches, refinishing should still do the trick. Over time though, your surface can only take a number of retouches before it becomes too dull to remedy. Check the edges of the boards to see if they can still be coated or sanded, particularly with planks which are made out of maple wood.

If you ever need the assistance of timber floor stripping Brisbane, he will check on the boards to see if they can still be recovered. If not, the boards will be taken out and replaced with a new batch of planks. This home improvement project is costly and labour-intensive, but the reward of having a wooden level as good as new will be worth it for the homeowner.

3 Bathroom Accessories You Probably Can’t Live Without

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Whilst designing your comfort rooms, you should make a list of things to include in it. The last thing you’d want to happen is to use the bathroom and realise something is missing. Here are the things you must make sure your bathrooms have:

Trash Can

Where else would you put your empty toothpaste, used napkins and used dental floss? If you don’t have one, you may think of flushing them down the toilet. Unfortunately, that’s not a good idea as it will cause the drain to be clogged. When that happens, it will cause an odour that’s so stinky you wouldn’t want to stay in the house. The next thing you’ll do is to call an emergency plumber. Therefore, it’s important to put a garbage can near the toilet.


You’ll want to look your best every morning before you go to work so you’ll look at the mirror for a long time. It’s important for the mirror to be in the bathroom so you can do something about your look if you see something is not right. For example, if you see you have too much facial hair you can simply shave them off.

Storage Cabinet

Where else will you put your toothbrush, shaving cream and other stuff? Of course, you must label the drawers properly so you’ll remember where you put certain materials. The last thing you’d want to happen is to look for them because you have no idea where you put them.

To get the best deals on these bathroom accessories, you must go to Bathroomware House. They have a wide range of products so you’ll have so many options to choose from. They even provide an easy and comfortable shopping experience. All you need to do is to add items you want to your shopping cart then pay using your credit card whenever you want the items delivered.


Things to Consider in Kitchen Renovations

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Kitchen renovations can be expensive. But, at some point in time, it will be necessary. As time passes, you would need a bigger and more technologically- advanced kitchen. As your family grows, you need to prepare food for more people.

This means you need to remodel your kitchen so that you can feed your family better. Moreover, some households realise their need to prepare healthier foods after watching news of the dangers of eating delicacies from fast-food chains and eating processed foods.

Kitchen renovations are getting popular nowadays for various reasons. If you are planning to remodel your kitchen, you may consider the things below:

Come up with a customised design

In remodelling any parts of your home, you first need to produce a design that suits your unique needs. In the case of kitchen renovations, you need to consult with experts. Let them know how often do you need to use the kitchen and how can you position the stove, ovens, refrigerators and other appliances to streamline your cooking process.

Replace outdated appliances with the latest, energy-efficient and safe models

Many old kitchen appliances are not energy-efficient. Perhaps due to old age, some fail to burn gas or use electricity more efficiently. In this case, you may need to replace them with the latest models.

Meanwhile, some models do not have safety devices that can prevent fires and suffocation. The likelihood of having an accident can be reduced by choosing the latest models that pass safety standards.

Create more storage space

As your family grows, you need to install more cabinets and other furniture where you can store vegetables, fruits, and condiments in places that cannot be contaminated by insects. You may also need to replace your refrigerator to accommodate more meat and other chilled foods.

Many houses need kitchen renovations to cook and store food more efficiently. To know if your household is one of them, you may want to consult modern kitchen designs by Belle Décor House.

Choosing Quality Shutters for Your Home

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Aside from curtains, another window treatment you can use at home are shutters. Shutters can be used indoors or outdoors.   It helps to keep the light out and gives maximum privacy to home owners. However, if you hook yourself with a poor-quality window treatment, the overall look of the room will be sacrificed. Here’s how you choose one that fits your home:

Premium quality material

One way to determine if the product is worth your money is by examining the materials used. There are aluminium, plastic, wood composite and Canadian western red cedar. Over time, wood can lose its charm because of the changing weather. If it is exposed to moisture, pests like mites can breed here. You can choose aluminium as it is heavy-duty and can withstand any weather.

Highest quality control

Make sure you buy a product that undergoes high-quality control before it reaches the market. Some established provider like Heartwood Shutters provides excellent window treatments for residential and commercial properties. They make sure to meet your requirements and make the experience hassle-free.

Value for money

You don’t only get sturdy material as they provide free measurement and instalment of window treatments. They do this to prevent the incorrect size of curtains and shutters.

Enhance spaces

Shutters add elegance to a room, making it timeless looking. Designs complement intimate spaces in your homes to give it life and comfort. Everything should look perfect for your home that’s why the designs can match either high ceiling or low type.

When it comes to your window treatments, you don’t need to look further than Heartwood Shutters. We made a name for quality fabrics and design, offering a wide collection of patterns to choose from. Our clients get to enjoy custom-design if they have a pattern in mind. More importantly, we provide superior customer care. Book an appointment with us now to make your home lovely and memorable.

All The Good Benefits Of Venetian Blinds

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If you are looking for ways to stop direct sunlight from going inside your room but you do not want to do anything drastic like awnings, the perfect protection that everyone uses is Venetian blinds. These blinds are classic choices that have existed for decades upon decades and come in different varieties according to your tastes.

Because of the many styles of window coverings, you may get confused if these coverings are really what is right for your home. There are many upsides if you choose them and there’s a reason why they are such a popular option for many households.

The venetian blinds from Adelaide has many benefits. It gives you precise control over how much light goes in and how much of your privacy is protected from prying eyes outside.

The thing is that the blades can be angled precisely to get just enough light to your liking. You can adjust the blades to be fully parallel to let maximum light go in, partially angled to get some light inside your room or fully closed so you can enjoy the maximum darkness.

These blinds also require very minimal maintenance once you buy them, which is great for people who do not have enough time to keep on cleaning everything. They are typically made of wood, plastic or soft metal and do not require washing or deep cleaning.

Just working out a dry cloth and wiping the blades is typically good. Do this once every two weeks, depending on the number of particulates that go inside your home and it should not be too much of a problem.

Perhaps the best utility for these window covers is that they are very easy to install. Since there are many choices for all window sizes and even custom-made sizes and designs. You can even do the installation yourself.

Venetian blinds offer you not only value option but a lot of benefits over many types of other blinds out there. Precision sun protection, privacy protection from anyone from outside your windows, minimal maintenance and easy installation with many unique design choices and sizes to choose from, these are the best value option for your home, apartment or your office.

Benefits Of Split System Air Conditioning

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Everyone really can appreciate a cool air on a hot summer day. The thing is, this cannot be easily achieved, especially if you live in an area where there are little or no trees around. In these areas, a convenient option is to install a cooling device, such as a split system air conditioning unit in a building.

Here are some of their benefits:

• A split system air conditioning is also referred to as ductless split, mini split or duct-free air conditioning system. Inside the evaporator is a condenser installed outside a house or building via a small pipe unit. The cooling fan is an area at home or in many areas, depending on the preference of the owner. There are even people who come with a choice of heating.

• Generally, it is easier to install compared to a conventional air conditioner. By fixing the evaporator to the condenser, it is necessary to have a three-inch hole in a channel wall. It is not necessary to rest the condenser near the evaporator located within the pipe joint as it can be used in different lengths. As a result, cooling of each interior space can easily be implemented.

• The fans in the air conditioning system can be set in three areas, either on a wall, ceiling or floor. Meanwhile, there are also acquirable columns-independent units. They are very small and are usually covered with a decorative envelope. In addition, they are usually with a remote control so the temperature can easily be checked.

Although central air conditioning systems have changed similar energy these years, these systems lose more than one-third of the energy due to the operations of the required behavioural system operation, especially if the pipelines by an area travel are not confirmed on a basement or attic.

The split air conditioning Redcliffe is best for those who want to save money on heating or cooling. Although it is more expensive than window frames, it is still cheaper than the creation of an air conditioner with a central system.

5 Low-Cost Ways To Give Your Home A Makeover

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Your home is a reflection of your unique sense of style and personality. Hence, many homeowners want their haven to look its best no matter the season or the occasion. If you are one of those people who want to give your house a simple makeover without spending a fortune, here are five simple yet affordable enhancements to consider.

Wall Paint

When was the last time you had your walls painted? Is the colour getting a bit boring now? Or do you want to freshen up the look of your house? The colours of your wall set the mood in your house. When you want to liven up the mood, painting your walls with a new colour is always a good idea.

Pro-Tip: Choose a colour that you haven’t tried before to give your interiors an uplifting ambience.


Whether you are looking for some inspiration or want to up your art appreciation game, buy framed paintings, sketches and other wall decors that could be hang. If you’re feeling a bit artsy, you can also create your own art. It’s a good therapy that can help your mind relax.

Interior Design

Perhaps you’re thinking, how did an interior design become low-cost? Well, it will be affordable if you do it on your own. If you have a knack for art, you’ll have no problem rearranging the furniture and designing your rooms. However, art is not everyone’s cup of tea.

If you belong to the latter, you can always hire an interior designer. But if you want to save on the professional fee, you can search for design inspirations on the internet.

Pro-Tip: Try to stick with the materials in your home to avoid spending a fortune.


If you’re not up for a DIY interior design project, maybe some new furniture will do. You can add a mini table in your living room or perhaps a dining set in your deck to turn it into an al fresco area—your call.

Pro-Tip: Don’t invest in expensive furniture if not necessary.

Window Treatment

When your window treatment has seen better days, it’s time to make a change. You can choose from the wide variety of coverings available out there, but if you’re going for a minimalist, classic look, try vertical blinds.

Pro-Tip: Contact vertical blinds Canberra for top-quality service and products. They also offer made-to-measure orders at competitive pricing. Call them for a free quote.

Request Quote for Blinds

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Our mission is to give fantastic blinds to our clients that are affordable. In order to find out the prices for the products, you can request a free quote. There are actually two ways to do that. One is to fill an online form that will get your basic information and what happened in the situation. Another is to give us a call and we will basically ask for the same information. Whichever method you prefer, we will still send you an obligation-free quote.

Window Blinds

We are one of the biggest suppliers of blinds in the country. We started off selling simple blinds and in a few years, we found ourselves selling all types. This is an industry we truly love as our passion is in it. There is no other business we would rather be in than this one. We are blessed to be doing what we are doing and we would love nothing more than making our customers happy.

10-Year Experience

With over ten years of experience, our mission is to provide nothing but the best ones at the most affordable prices. Despite the prices being affordable, we will never go away from the high quality that you are used to seeing from us. We will obviously not let you install the products yourself. We have professional Brisbane blinds installers who will do the installation for you.

Advantages over Curtains

There are so many reasons why you should choose blinds over curtains. One of them is the amount of money you will be able to save because you won’t need to spend on maintenance costs as the only thing you will worry about is the installation cost. A blind also offers a lot more variety than a window. Aside from the vast choices of colours, there are also many material options. It is also very durable because of the materials used for it.

The former is also easy to clean as all you have many options to do that. You can either use a vacuum cleaner, a feather duster or simply a damp cloth. The same does not hold true for curtains because you have to take them down in order to dry them. This means you won’t have window coverings for a short period of time. Perhaps, the biggest advantage of them all is a blind allows you to control the amount of light that comes into the room with a few adjustments.

Perhaps, the biggest advantage of them all is a blind allows you to control the amount of light that comes into the room with a few adjustments.