Fits with your design

aliiike is highly flexible via an easy-to-use administration page. You have complete freedom to change the position of its recommendations list within a page, the way in which lists are displayed and the styles that fit best with your site design.

Measure the difference

One size seldom fits all and ongoing measurement will enable the automated recommendations to be tweaked for optimal performance on your site. After implementing aliiike, visitor traffic and related sales can be monitored. If necessary, the aliiike recommendations can be removed from certain pages and modified on others. A clear improvement in sales and site traffic will eventually result!

Beyond sales

aliiike can also be applied to news and blog portals. News articles and blog posts that are of most interest to visitors to a specific page can be recommended. This will increase the stickiness of your site and improve its reputation for providing easily accessible, quality content to its visitors. Watch your site traffic grow rapidly with aliiike!